Smartphone Unlocking and Repair (iOS & Android)

At Smart Tech Haiti S.A, we specialize in the repair of cell phones because we do not believe that a broken screen or a defective battery should ruin your day.

PC, Apple and TV repair

As a PC-Doctor Authorized Service Center, we are committed to excellence in solving all types of problems you may encounter with your computer.

Cam, Camera, Security, Surveillance

Surveillance Cameras Installation

Remote Access is a new feature that allows you to connect to your computer, router, surveillance cameras and more via the Internet, intranet or VPN wherever you are in the world.

Intercom Installation

Smart Tech Haiti S.A is a leading security company specializing in the installation and repair of intercom systems based on customer security needs. We provide custom intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, retail stores, offices and more.

Installation of access control system and burglar alarm

Recognized by hundreds of customers, Smart Tech Haiti S.A provides comprehensive physical access control solutions to secure your homes and offices.

Cable Network-WiFi-Intranet-VPN

Smart Tech Haiti S.A is a computer system company that provides wired project design, installation and project management services covering all data, voice, electronic security and audio / video technologies, including fiber optic communications and wireless distribution systems.

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